May 6, 2013

Illinois Natural History Survey’s Aquatic Invasive Species Outreach Team highlighted in the NOAA Spotlight

Illinois Natural History Survey (INHS) Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) outreach team was recognized in a NOAA Spotlight article, along with many other collaborators, for their work on the Great Lakes Risk Assessment Tools. This tool estimates the potential invasiveness of species being sold for use in trade and hobbies such as aquaculture, live bait, and water gardens etc.  It provides insights for resources managers that may guide future policies with the goal of preventing the spread of the invasive species. This is also a tool that hobbyists and people working in the trades can use to be proactive about choosing less threatening alternative species. INHS “will be talking with retailers, hobbyists, and water gardeners—going to shows and posting information in stores—about how they can use the risks assessments as a guide to get ahead of regulations and make responsible decisions now,” said Pat Charlebois, INHS AIS Coordinator.

Visit the NOAA Spotlight article at to learn more about this initiative.

The Illinois Natural History Survey's AIS outreach team is part of the Lake Michigan Biological Station in Zion, Illinois and has a joint appointment with Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant.

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