About Us

The mission of the Illinois Natural History Survey (INHS) is to investigate and document the biological resources of Illinois and other areas, and to acquire and provide natural history information that can be used to promote the common understanding, conservation, and management of these resources.

The Outreach & Public Engagement activities of the Survey seek to connect nature, people and science. Over the years we have striven to develop a “think-outside-the-box/change-the-world” mentality regarding science and nature, and our overriding goal has been to develop effective strategies to “Communicate Nature” and to implement them in innovative ways.

While all our activities have a foundation in the Survey’s scientific endeavors, our activities incorporate significant elements from the aesthetic realm, as we feel this is a very adept way to engage the individual in appreciating, enjoying, and conserving the Earth and its biodiversity.

For more information: Illinois Natural History Survey