August 3, 2010

“We Sweated and Survived”

We finished up our Dragonfly Blitz on Thursday, 29 July, visiting parts of Wildcat Hollow. Within 15 minutes of our arrival at the marsh, we spotted the elusive Comet Darner – a red beacon. And just like that, it was off, taunting us, daring us to catch it. Peering through binoculars from shore, ecstatic cries, “it’s coming right at you!” “to your left!” “on your right!” only seemed to confuse those standing with their nets at the ready. Skillfully, the Comet Darner snatched a saddlebag dragonfly and zipped off to the prairie.

Our skipper and moth expert, Jim Wiker, refused to give up, and after stalking it through the tall grass, returned with the Comet Darner in hand for all to admire.

Grand Total: 21 Species of Dragonflies

A few photos from the class:


  1. What is the emerald green beetle w/yellow markings you have pictured in the lower right hand section? I just found one on our property and thought at first it was emerald ash borer, but it's not that, thankfully.

    Thank you,


    1. That beetle is in the same family as the EAB, Buprestidae, but I will have to find the species name